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  • YEAR / 2018
  • SIZE / 28000M2
  • COMPLETION / 2019


Eco Farm is unique place for the next generation of urban retirement and young family housing. It presents a residential farming typology for Norway, that combines apartments and facilities focussed on but not exclusively elderly and family living in an urban farming. The residents live in a farming environment, created by the vegetable farm, where they may also find employment, get activated, socialized and where elderly can help young busy families with kids and they everyday activities. KATRINA URBANIK's aim is to generate discussion about the potential that can emerge from the mixing of two typically separate realms. The research-based design addresses two pressing challenges faced by Norway: how the city-state might support a rapidly ageing society and busy families, and how it might enhance its greens and fruits security which is currently imported and very unhealthy.


Circle shaped island was defined on a triangle that is spanned within three mainlands, with parametrical defined underneath/ bottom that hides technical areas, carpark, see salt factory, tidal energy plant and turbines etc. It is built with self-curing Bio-active concreate that will not only absorb CO2 but also boost and produce underwater wildlife.

environmental benefits

The floating recreation complex has facilities to produce own power, fresh water, food and heat. Furthermore, WILD is designed to be a flexible space that can change, transform and adapt organically over time, evolving from neighbourhoods to cities with the possibility of scaling indefinitely. KATRINA URBANIK designed a man-made ecosystem that is anchored in sustainable development goals — channelling flows of energy, water, food and waste to create a blueprint for a modular maritime city.


Air and water decontamination
1. water garden
2. multi-functional deck, diversified with pocket greenery
3. eco-house
4. promenade with areas for residents and tourist
5. artificial beach
6. sea restaurant
7. sport pavilion with storage
8. sunbathing platform
9. panorama bridge
10. griil zone
11. event zone with LED technology
12. winter garden/pavilion
13. sea market
14. inner courtyard
15. houses
16. marina
17. playgroud with equipment that produces energy
18. bio centrum research facility