/ Svart /

Status: architecture

Completed: 2020


  • Year / 2020
  • Where / Norway
  • Type / off grid village resort
  • Client / Miris
  • status / architectural project


We understand that our modern world is just as beautiful as tiring it can be. At times we want to escape from the hectic life for shorther or longer. Svartisen purity has inspired us to create a new place for mental retreat from the outside world. A place you can turn to whenever you want to tune out the external noise. Just to stop. Listen to your body. Appreciate the nature around you. Hear the power of thoughts. Breaking away from the constrains of modern world is our manifesto in every aspect of our project.we give you the opportunity to go back in time. By using the smartest technologies, We are able to be indepent, produce our own energy and grow fresh food.to ex-perience the raw nature while preserving our priceless wildlife. Escape the wildness into the wilderness at Svart.

We design a place where one is a part of the universe and the epicenter of its own. That’s how we see our designs - galactics of peace in the svart uni-verse. Spaces that soothe your senses, far away from whatever takes away your inner harmony. So you’re ready to be part of the nature’s greatness and dive deep into the adventure. to exist in harmony with natural world, to see with your own eyes wildlife transforming and history evolving, to wake up your inner happienss.


KATRINA URBANIK has been invited by Miris AS, a Norwegian real estate developer, to prepare a design proposition for the development located in Nordland. The development will form a unique tourism concept deriving richly from the scenic location near the Svartisen Glacier. The location still presents qualities distinctive for areas untouched by human intervention. Svartisen purity has been an unabated source of inspiration that made us conceive solutions which would be non-disruptive for the precious nature at the site. Svartisen Development aims to set an example in the field of the sustainable tourism industry in Norway


Our design intention was to establish innovative, integrated, and cli-mate-friendly facilities according to the high sustainability standards. Our design proposals revolve around the interaction between nature and ar-chitecture. Building concepts are gentle to the surroundings and enhance the experience of living in close contact with nature. Our innovative architecture aims to elevate the attractiveness of that tourist region as well as contribute to the international recognition of the pure and natural beauty of the Svar-tisen landscape.


Svartisen Glacier Resort is located at the edge of Svartisen National Park in Meløy Municipality in Nordland. Svartisen is the second largest in Norway and covers an area of approximately 370 square kilometres. Svartisen is a popular tourist destination and has many visitors yearly from all over the world.